Hidden Leaf Foundation

labyrinth1Hidden Leaf’s mission is to expand inner awareness within social change organizations in order to enhance the effectiveness of the progressive movement. We do this by promoting transformative awareness practices which help us still our minds and reflect on our own internal conditioning to align our values, thinking, and actions to advance a more just, ecologically healthy and compassionate society.


Hidden Leaf Welcomes Supriya Lopez Pillai as Our New Executive Director.


Supriya brings decades of experience supporting progressive organizing, stellar leadership and networking capacity, and established relationships within the field of transformative movement building. Supriya will lead Hidden Leaf in charting a course towards expanded grantmaking, deeper partnerships, and an enhanced role in promoting awareness practices that strengthen social change organizations. Please click here to read the full announcement. Tara Brown (who announced in November that she would be transitioning from the director role) will continue on Hidden Leaf’s board along with her sisters, Karie Brown and Kristen Stinnett-Brown.


Hidden Leaf offers grants to progressive social change and leadership development organizations that use awareness practices to enhance their work, as well as to groups that are building the field of transformative social change.

Hidden Leaf founder
Dave Brown

1936 – 2013